Monday, April 4, 2016

week #11 -- Lots of the new investigators and General Conference

This week has been crazy busy! Lots of the new investigators and
General Conference.

We have two investigators who are on date for the month of April, and
they are progressing pretty well. Meeting with college students
multiple times a week is proving to be difficult, but it's so quick
pace around here, that the days just fly by between appointments. I
can't believe that I have already been gone for going on three months,
yet I feel that I've been out here for forever. It's not a bad thing
though, it's so great in Columbus. Our P-Days feel like they keep
getting shorter and shorter, hence my emails are getting shorter and

I thank you all for the letters, packages, and emails. It's such a
wonderful thing to come home to after the long days that we tend to
have here, so thank you!

I got to say that I love my new companion. It's great that the Lord
has blessed me with some wonderful companions to allow me to succeed
out here. Elder Yeates loves our investigators and this work just as
much as I do, and it makes it easy to work hard and have a good time
doing it.

If you all haven't listened to conference, I encourage you to find and
listen to, read, and study the talks that were prepared for us by the
general authorities. They really do love us so much, and only want
what is best for us.

I love you all so much. You continue to inspire and motivate me to
work hard to bring God's children back to Him. I love Him, and I pray
that I can see everyone as He sees them.

Til next week!!

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