Monday, April 11, 2016

week #12 -- 2 new investigators this week!

Another busy but amazing week! There will be more pictures this
transfer as well, so hope you're all as excited for that as I am! My
new companion loves pictures haha.

We have two new investigators on date for the 7th of May! They are
great. Kevin and Daniel are roommates and we are teaching both of
them. It's amazing how he gospel really does soften the hearts of
those who are prepared. We have decided that as a district on OSU that
we need to be contacting at least 100 people a week. That's pretty
intense considering the rest of the mission has a standard of about
40. Elder Yeates and I have chosen to contact at least 150 people a
week. That is sharing the gospel with at least that many people,
regardless of whether or not they choose to listen to or meet with us.

Elder Yeates and I have so much fun while we are working. It makes it
easy to enjoy what we do when it hardly seems like work. The members
love us here, and they are very willing to help out. College students
have a busy schedule, but it's amazing what they make the time to do
here to help out the missionaries. I hope I'm the same way when I go
to college because it really does make a huge difference.

We got to go to downtown Columbus with Chris (a member) and go see the
hockey stadium and the AAA baseball teams stadium. We took some pretty
sweet pictures and selfies, even though it's been raining all day
today. Yesterday it was snowing, and the day before that it was
snowing while it was super sunny out (there's a picture of that as

Thank you all for the support, the emails, and especially the prayers.
I know that this gospel is true, and that the Lord wouldn't have me be
anywhere else at this point and time. I am so blessed to spend the
next two years of my life dedicated to this work.

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