Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #10 -- New companion - Elder Yeates assigned with Elder Hartley this past week

This week has been pretty interesting. To be honest, transfers made me
die a little inside. Elder Yeh left, and I got a new companion. That
and a lot of members were disappointed in the changes that were made,
or lack thereof. After the sadness, there was definitely so,e green
grass on the other side of the hill. My new companion, Elder Yeates,
is the new District Leader here. He's an absolute stud! We've had a
few great lessons already, and our investigator, Dorianeh, is on date
for the 23rd of April. Adam is progressing as well, and we are hoping
to help him rejoin the church in whatever ways we can.

I honestly don't have much to report on this week, as this Pday has
gone by too fast. We've had a few meetings we had to attend, and I
couldn't really write as much as I wanted.

I want you all to know that I know is gospel is true. Joseph Smith
truly was a prophet called of God to restore His church here on the
earth today. He was assigned to translate the Book of Mormon, which is
the truest of any book that exists today. We are blessed to have a
prophet today that continues to lead us, and allows us to have
guidance and revelation directly from God. We are able to change our
lives because of the Atonement our Savior, Jesus Christ, performed in
behalf of us and our sins and burdens. We remember Him during this
Easter season, and focus on the resurrection that happened on he third
day. We are promised to do as he did, as long as we follow Him. It
really is a simple phrase, and our lives can be just as simple as we
turn ourselves and our lives to Him. I encourage you all to look at
what ways we can better our relationship with Christ this following
week, and do your best to serve those around you. I will be doing the
same, as I wouldn't ask any of you to do something that I wouldn't be
willing to do myself.

I love you all. I again apologize for the not so great email this
week, but I love and miss you all dearly. Have a great week!

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