Monday, February 29, 2016

week #6 weekly goals in the Gospel!

Week four in the Great Ohio Columbus Mission! What an exciting week. I
feel bad that my emails have been short recently, but the servers have
been down, so it sucked. Hopefully they are fixed for good now!
Anyways, I wish to speak a little more in this letter than I have in
the past, and I hope to continue getting better at relating my
experiences throughout my mission. It's important, not only to keep
you all updated, but it really shows if I'm even remembering what's
happening out here.

We had our Follow-Up Zone Conference meeting on Wednesday, where we
reported our results from our goals that we set the week before. I
will say that Elder Yeh had a couple of rough days (Friday and
Saturday) due to several reasons: we lacked focus, we weren't focused,
and since the weather was super nice, everyone on campus was drunk
before 3 pm. The last few days were great though. We went on exchanges
(we exchange companions with leaders in our Zone and District at least
once a transfer for a 24 hour period. We still do work the same, just
switching up companions) on Tuesday. Elder Yeh went with our District
Leader, Elder Segle (Seagull is how you say it) and I went with Elder
Segle's companions, Elder Halverson. This turned out to really help us
reach all of our goals, and it really helped me becoming better at
contacting people. When we contact on OSU, we walk with, or stop and
talk to people. A contact is someone we share a gospel principle with,
regardless of getting their number or not. Elder Halverson and I
contacted 48 people on Tuesday, which is A LOT.

The goals previously talked about brought up a great pattern for us.
This pattern is to set a vision, set goals, and then make plans to
help achieve those goals. This can be used throughout our missions,
but throughout life as well. In D&C 9:7-9, Joseph Smith is given
revelation of this pattern. We can't just expect God to give answers,
let alone results for things that we haven't even prepared for. Often
times we expect a pizza to show to our door without: 1) deciding what
kind of pizza 2) soda? Desert? 3) we need to call the darn pizza
place! 4) we then need to be ready to pay the price for what we order
(this isn't a negative thing, there just requires effort behind this).
I am guilty of it too, which is why I'm grateful I'm learning how
important it is to follow this council and make my plans, and ask the
Lord of they are what I am supposed to be following.

After all the contacting we did, we now have about ten new
investigators that all have lessons planned with us for this week or
next, so we will be doing a lot more teaching than contacting this
week (thank goodness). One of them we had a lesson with earlier this
week. He's a Christian, and is wondering why God would give us more
than a Bible. It was hard not to bash with him, but we did it, and
were able to put him on his heels a bit. In John 6 we are told, by
Christ himself, that he is "the bread of life" and we are to "partake
of him" if we want to have eternal life. This can be seen as the
sacrament, but also feasting upon His words. In 2 Nephi 32:3 we are
commanded to feast upon the words of Christ. We explained this to him,
and extended the invitation of reading the Book of Mormon and
fulfilling his calling as a Christian, a disciple of Christ, to feast
upon the words Christ gave to us. He accepted and let his guard down
to let the Spirit speak to him, which was an amazing thing to see.

I want to say thank you to everyone for the support, the prayers, the
letters, the emails, everything. You are all amazing and I wouldn't be
where I am at without you. It's humbled me so much to know that my
serving a mission is not for me, but the people here that God has
prepared for me. I have already seen how I have, and can help those
that need it.

I want to mention that if there is anything that anyone needs prayers
or fasting for, please contact me. As a missionary I am here to
strengthen the church. This includes everyone, not just new
investigators and members here.

Oh, and just so you all know, my P-Day will be on Tuesday next week,
and I won't be able to email much. We are going to the temple as a
district and zone, and I'll be gone most of the day.

I love you all and please have a great week! Hope this email has been
better than my last couple.

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