Tuesday, March 8, 2016

week #7 Consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain!

Literally just got back from temple, so I have just enough time to
write all of you!

This week has been incredibly inconsistent. I've officially hit a low
point since being out in the field, but oh man how grateful am I for
it. We experience trials of faith so we can appreciate the goodness of
all things. In 2 Nephi 2:2, Lehi is talking to his son Jacob about how
the Lord will bless him and promised him that he will "consecrate
thine afflictions for thy gain." I've come to appreciate this simple
yet powerful promise of if we are able and willing to endure all
trials, tribulations, and afflictions to the best of our abilities, we
will be blessed with with even greater happiness.

I have felt inadequate as a teacher, as it can be difficult to teach
simply and ask the right questions. I have seen, however, that through
these times of inadequacy I have found strength and peace in my
Savior, Jesus Christ. This may seem small, but when you are unable to
do one of the few things you are out here to do, you feel unworthy,
guilty, and full of self pity. I'm glad these feelings didn't stick
around for very long, but it still taught me an important lesson: Our
Savior knows us personally, and His Atonement is why and how he is
able to do so. His purpose was to experience everything this life has
to offer us, and to be able to succor His people the way a mother
would her child in times of grief and pain.

On a brighter note, it's getting hot here! The humidity is
unbelievable and, up until last week, I didn't know how much of a
difference it can make in temperature. I already miss winter. The work
is progressing well though. We have seven new investigators that we
are teaching, three progressing investigators that we are working
with, and one of them has a baptismal date for the 26th of the month.
She's solid. She's come to church twice in the past three weeks, and
is keeping all the commitments we are extending to her, which is

The temple here is super small. I think I heard someone say that it is
one of a few (all made with the same layout and plans) that are the
smallest temples in the world. It is gorgeous though.

I love and miss you all dearly. I think about everyone all the time
and how great it'll be to see everyone when everything will have
changed so much. Until next week!!

Elders of God!

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