Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #5 Strengthening our testimonies!

I can honestly say that each week is getting better and better, but
going faster and faster. It's crazy how fast time flies. The days go
quick when we work how we have been. We talk to just about everyone we
see on campus, we are trying to teach at least two or three lessons a
day, and we still have someone on date for a baptism. I go to bed
exhausted and wake up ready for another day.

I really appreciate all the letters and packages that have been sent.
It really is cool to come back home at night and check our mailbox and
there be stuff in it. I love hearing from everyone, even though I
can't always reply back.

Sunday's have been my favorite because of how great of a release it is
and how many great people are in the ward. The members here are so
willing to feed us, even though they are mostly full time college
students. They are always willing to help us out with our lessons,
update us on activities, and they try so hard to help us out with our
work and getting us referrals. It makes it easy to serve wards that
serve us.

One thing I've learned since being out here is how important it is to
take your studies seriously. We need to strengthen our testimonies and
build our foundations before we can expect to help others build upon
and start theirs. I can feel my testimony growing each and every
moment that I am focused on the Spirit and the people that I am here
to serve.

I miss all of you and I'm sorry that my emails aren't that great, but
they will get better I promise. Nothing super life changing happened
this week, but I can see why I am needed here, and I'm beginning to
see how I can help the people here.

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