Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week #4 First invitation to baptism!

Week two in the good old OSU! So blessed to be here. I unfortunately
don't have a lot of time to write this week, so this one will be
short. We had a few meetings we have today for our Zone.

Happenings this week: Elder Yeh and I had a great time on Thursday
making dumplings for a ward activity. Since he's from Taiwan, he knows
legit Asian cuisine. I've got the recipe, and let me say that they are
AMAZING. We celebrated Chinese New Year, as there are a lot of
Oriental people around here. It's actually quite cool.

We invited the first person (for me at least) to be baptized. Alan has
been struggling to find the truth of what he really believes, but we
committed to get him ready by the 12th of March to begin the most life
changing thing he can do in his life. He desires it, and the Spirit
was so strong while we were able to meet with him. We are excited for
this young man and everything he's trying to do; he's such a good kid.

Sunday's have become my favorite. I get to sit in on two full sessions
of church. It's relaxing, and very spiritually edifying, which is what
I love feeling. Contacting people on campus is difficult, as we don't
really knock on doors, but just stop people and talk to them for a few
minutes to set up a follow up appointment.

I know I said it last week, but again, I am seeing how much change is
occurring since being out here. I've already grown so much, and it
gets me so excited for the next two years. It's amazing what this
Gospel has done for me, and can do for everyone.

One of the scriptures that hit home for me this week would have to be
D&C 9:7-9. It tells us exactly what we have to do to get the answers
we are looking for in life. God wants us to exercise our agency, he
wants us to choose. He also wants to guide us. I know that as we do
our best to make the right decisions in our lives, and follow up those
choices and plans with God, we can go far in life. I'm convinced that
any two people can accomplish anything in this world, as long as one
of the, is the Lord.

I leave this with you, and all of my love (as it was just Valentine's Day).

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