Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #3 First week in Ohio!

I can't believe I'm in Ohio! I don't even know where to start! Since I
landed, we were picked up, taken to President Daine's
house, where we were treated to an amazing briscuit dinner, and very
very comfortable beds. After resting for the night we woke up and were
taken to a church next to the temple. We had a little bit of training
and were paired up with our trainers/companions.

My companion is amazing! His name is Elder Yeh. He is from Taiwan and
is hilarious. We have had so many funny moments already. We get along
great and he is teaching me so much. The adjustment has been great so
far. I'm so grateful for what he's teaching me. A lot of it is
learning the "why" of everything here. It all has to start with why I
am doing what I'm doing here. Why people need to hear our message. It
truly has changed and enhanced my vision, as well as strengthened my

A little about my area. I am placed on campus at OSU. I should be here
for my first 13 weeks. It's so different being here too. It's a unique
area on our mission. We cover the two YSA wards that meet here on
campus. We also have 10 missionaries (6 elders and 4 sisters) to cover
the entire area. It is a huge campus though. Our schedule is different
here, as far as proselyting times go, and times for weekly planning.
So our "area" covers everyone in the ward, but pretty much every young
single adult in our mission meets here at the institute building on
campus (it's where we have church as well), but we don't have cars or
bikes in this specific area. So if we want to meet with them we have
to find rides. It's cool getting to ride the buses everywhere though!

Elder Yeh and I were able to give two blessings to two of the recent
converts around here, and both times the Spirit was so strong. It was
absolutely amazing to be able to see the change in people. I can't
wait to begin to really put my foot in the door here as a missionary.

My apartment address is:
1210 chambers rd apartment 312b 

Columbus Ohio 43212
For anyone who wants to write letters or packages.

I miss and love you all, but the Gospel is such a blessing, and I can
see what my purpose is here. I am responsible for teaching the people
here, befriending them, and inviting them to come closer to Christ,
not matter who they are. I can't wait to see the relationships I can
build, and how strong we can all make this church before we leave.

I will send more pictures next week. I need to figure out how to get
the pictures off my camera on to my iPad.

Love you all!!!

Elder Hartley

Elder Yeh

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