Monday, May 23, 2016

week #18 - Butt dialing to share a copy of the Book of Mormon!

I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should talk about this week! So,
sorry if it's a disappointment!

Not much has really changed or happened this week! Elder Hougland and
I experienced some wonderful rain and mud for a couple of days while
biking (as you'll notice in some pictures). So that was pretty
exciting! People have been extremely nice to us this week as well,
which has been a blessing.

Yesterday, while coming home from church, there was a pretty sweet
looking Lamborghini that Elder Hougland, Izro, and I took pictures of
while we were stopped. "One day...", I told myself. Also, there is a
picture of some geese and their adorable children. :)

There was a lady that called us at 11:30pm Monday night, and we didn't
answer our phone. It was too late, and we were mad that it woke us up
haha. Called her back the next day, and she was wondering why we were
calling her, and how we got her phone number. After we told her who we
were, she pretty much hung up haha. On Tuesday, while we were biking,
I accidentally butt dialed her. We stopped when she called us back.
She asked why we called again, and explained the situation. She then
asked us what made our religion so different from others, and we were
able to teach her about the Book of Mormon over the phone! She asked
for a copy too! We sent her information to the missionaries in her
area, so I hope she likes what she reads!

We were blessed to be trained by Elder Zepallos, a member of The
Seventy, and his wife this Thursday. They are wonderful spirits, and
truly love those that they are able to serve. Their stories for
conversion were amazing as well. The one story I liked the most
though, was one Elder Zepallos told. He explained that his son, who as
about ten at the time, had been bugging his father to go hiking up a
hill near their home for a few Saturday's in a row. Elder Zepallos is
from Northern Chile (Antefogasta was where he presided just a few
years ago!), and the sun was brutal during the day. He told his son,
after his persistence and pleading, that he would go only if they
awoke at 6:00am to begin the hike. He was sure his son would forget to
go after a week had gone by, so he hadn't mentioned it at all, and set
no alarms. His son woke him up at 6:15am to get ready for the day
ahead. He said they had a fun time, and the hike was a memory he
wouldn't forget. When they reached the top of the hill, to his remorse
and his son's excitement, there was an even taller hill just behind
the one they had just climbed. His son begged for them to arise even
earlier the next Saturday to climb the second hill. The story goes on,
but a principle, and a very profound statement came from a little boy
who answered a fairly simple question from his father. "Son, what did
you learn from the hike?" "It was fun dad! If we had never climbed the
first hill, we would have never known there was a bigger, taller one
behind it."

Again, I love you all and am grateful for the love and support! Please
have a good week!

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