Monday, May 9, 2016

week #16 New area - Polaris - Riding a bike now!

Happy Mother's Day! Again at least.

My new area is Polaris. It's a ward that has only existed for about a
year and a half now. It's right around the Lewis Center area, for
those of you who are dying to look it up. It's an all biking area, so
that's kind of new to me! I'm not used to it, and am a little slow,
but I'm doing way better than I was Thursday, so I'm improving! I'm
told (and finding out by experience) that we will bike anywhere from
10-20 miles on a typical day.

We are working with some wonderful recent converts here in Polaris.
Alfonso and Irma are going to be doing baptisms for the dead for the
first time this Friday, and we have the opportunity to go and support
them. That will make for an exciting day for sure. We had a few
investigators come to church this week, which was great. The Ward here
is amazing. The people are so welcoming and truly are looking for ways
to be more missionary minded. The Fackrell's fed us last night, and
allowed us to call home after dinner. They're a great family. It's
weird having kids in sacrament meeting now! It's definitely not as
quiet as it once was.

This weeks email will be shorter, as I don't have as much to talk
about. It was great being able to call home yesterday. Great to see
that everyone is doing well!

We had a very cool experience on Saturday night. The last potential we
were going to see we saw in our notes that it just told us that she
lived on a corner house on a certain street. There were a total of
eight corner houses on that street. We only had like ten minutes
before we needed to start heading home, so we decided to try one of
the ones on our way out of the neighborhood. The first house we came
up to, the screen door was closed, but the main door was open, and we
saw this woman inside. We asked if she knew who were looking for, and
it ended being this lady. The very first house we checked, the first
person we talked to (looking for this potential investigator), was who
we were looking for. Her mother had just recently (VERY recently from
what we could tell) passed away, and she was struggling very hard with
that. We had a wonderful conversation about having faith in Christ to
help us through difficult times. We bore testimony that our Savior
could uphold her through anything and everything that she I struggling
through, and that He knows us personally.

I'm grateful for all of you. Thank you for your love, your support,
your letters and emails, and everything. Til next time!

My new address is:
8326 Finch Shelter Dr. Apt. C Columbus, Ohio 43235

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