Wednesday, May 4, 2016

week #15 -- New record for Sloopy's and a new transfer this week as well.

Man, this week has been pretty eventful! It's also been the longest
week ever. This transfer has flown by and I can't believe it's over
tomorrow. I want you all to know how much the Lord has blessed me and
my companion. Elder Yeates is a great worker, a great companion, and
an even better friend. We have encountered so many tender mercies from
running into a less active that hasn't come to church in forever at
the institute building because he felt like coming and playing the
piano to being able to (yesterday) get called to go to the hospital to
give a priesthood blessing. The Lord's timing is remarkable.

Yesterday, Elder Yeates, Elder Ames, and I decided to attempt the
Sloopy's challenge again. Elder Ames and Elder Yeates were looking to
finish for the first time so they don't (potentially) leave campus
without completing it. I, however, was determined. Sister Horvath had
tried it the day previous, and did it in 11:13 and had an order of
fries afterwards. She held this over all the elders pretty much all
that day. Elder Yeates redeemed himself, and conquered it without
puking. I wanted to beat her time and eat some fries. I'm truly
ashamed to say I finished it in 8:43 and also had the order of fries.
It was fun, but now I have to go running in the mornings to burn it
off. Sister Horvath wasn't too happy when she found out either...

I had mentioned the priesthood blessing that we gave yesterday. The
man we went to visit was a less active member fro, Mansfield, but was
at the OSU hospital because he needed to get a stint in his heart.
Danny Rhea (Ray) is one of the funniest guys I know. We walk in and he
says, "Oh my heck! You got here so fast! You two are soooo good." He
was pretty drugged up and was giving us a good laugh. We were able to
give him his blessing, and the spirit was super strong. It was

So I am being transferred! I have been at OSU for three great months.
I will miss it so much, but I'm so grateful for the amazing people
I've been able to meet here. I don't know where I'm transferring to
yet, but I know it'll be great. I don't expect it to be easy, but it
will be a good time.

Don't send any letters or packages until I get my new address!!

I got to say goodbye to Adam Stout yesterday, and Bobby Barr (1st Ward
Ward Mission Leader) today. I'm sad to have to say goodbye, but I'm
excited to see where I'll be next. We had to say goodbye to the
Springers last week, and we welcomed the new senior couple, the
Dabb's. They're a very sweet couple, and I'm sure they will love
serving here at OSU.

I feel so blessed to have felt the spirit so strongly this week. I
just want you all to know how much I love you and am grateful for the

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