Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week #9 Transfers this past week... couple days late for p-day!

I apologize for not letting everyone know sooner, but transfers are
this week. Every six weeks from here until the end of my mission, our
transfers land on Thursdays, so during those weeks my P-Days will be
on Wednesdays. Again, sorry for not letting you all know, but that
being said: Transfer one is over!

I don't say that super excitedly though. It is, however, very
insightful to reflect on the previous seven weeks since being here on
OSU. I never would've guessed that I'd be where I'm at physically,
mentally, and especially spiritually. I do need to say that I'm very
sad to see my district leader, Elder Segle, to go back home after
finishing his full two year term as a missionary of the church. He's a
great example of the kind of missionary and leader I am striving to
become. So shoutout to him! I am being separated from my trainer as
well. Elder Yeh is being transferred, but I'll be staying here at OSU.
I'm definitely sad to see him go. He really has been the best friend I
could ask for out here, not to mention he's helped me so much thus

This last week has been full of great blessings and opportunities!
First off, we met with a former investigator that Elder Yeh used to
teach. His name is Kai. While we were on exchanges with our zone
leaders, Elder Drivas and I ran into while walking to a lesson! Elder
Drivas knew who he was, and after he called his name, I started
freaking out a little! Kai had texted us a week earlier just to say hi
and tell us at he missed us, but when we tried to set up an
appointment or dinner, he never responded. After running into him
though, I was able to set up a dinner the next day. We met with him,
and were able to get him to come to church with the help of a recent
convert, Charlie Wang. He came to church, and had a great experience,
and we are very excited to be working with him.

On Monday, Elder Yeh and I put together a lunch in celebration of one
of our most progressing investigators birthdays. Dorianeh's birthday
is today, but we were able to a little party with her and some of the
other missionaries. Also, one of the members who I've become really
close to, Daniel, got his mission call! Well... Kind of. He got the
packet that comes after the mission call, like the one from his
mission. He called the bishop, and I guess his call got lost in the
mail, and will be coming later. Either way, I was able to share in the
excitement of him finding out where he's going! He's a convert to the
church, and it's just very cool to see how strong in the gospel he is.
He's going to be a great missionary. He will be serving in the Arizona
Tempe Mission. It's funny because he's not the only person who got
their call this week to Arizona! I just read Kamill's email about her
being called to serve in Mesa, Arizona, and at the temple too! How
sweet is that. :) What an exciting thing to have missionaries being
out in the field, sharing the gospel with people that they will come
to love and hold dear. It truly is amazing!

I was able to experience a very unique opportunity this week as well.
Elder Yeh received his patriarchal blessing this last Thursday. He had
not yet received it, and has desired it since being on his mission. As
his "son" he invited me to come. Our "grandparents" (Elder and Sister
Springer) and our "brothers" (Elders Segle and Halverson; they're the
ones that we are close with) joined us in this amazing and spiritually
edifying moment in Elder Yeh's life. We were all invited to sit in as
he receive the blessing, and it brought me some insight and revelation
concerning my own blessing odd enough. It's weird how the spirit
works! I won't say much about the blessing, because it is very
personal and sacred to him, but I feel truly blessed to have this man
as my companion, trainer, and designated best friend. Everything that
is promised him in his life are things that he can definitely receive
if he continues to be faithful. This promise is for all of us though,
which is the amazing thing! We are all promised blessings from God if
we but be faithful, and press forward, seeking to progress in His
gospel and plans for each and every one of us.

My favorite part of the week, however, was meeting with Adam. This
young man has an interesting past, but has so much potential and great
faith. Adam was baptized in October of 2014, but after he went home to
Detroit for Christmas break, he returned and asked for his records to
be removed after only six weeks of membership. He then came back the
following October around general conference, and sought to regain
activity and began to be taught by Elder Yeh and his companion at the
time, Elder Orton. The same pattern followed though. He left for
Christmas break and just disappeared. No one could get ahold of him.
And just on Friday, he told Elder Springer (he and his wife are the
senior couple here on campus), that he was planning on attending
church! Elder Springer told us, and Elder Yeh's faced dropped. Fast
forward to Sunday, and we sat with him during sacrament meeting, went
to gospel principles, and then just sat and caught up with him during
third hour. He explained to me how hard he battles with depression and
anxiety, how his faith was shaken by his parents, and sought
nondenominational studies because of his desire to know where he could
find happiness. As he struggled, alcohol had become an easy and
accessible release for such problems. He's not an alcoholic, but he's
a serious binge drinker. He told us about a few experiences that had
led him to decide to co,e to church, and really commit himself to the
gospel. He knows this is where he has been the happiest in his life,
and he knows it is where God wants him. Again, I felt so strongly
God's love for a son who is wandering, and is seeking his way back
home. He is willing to do what it takes to come back home, and Elder
Yeh and I will be doing everything we can to help him find his way
back, and stay on the path of which God has prepared for him.

Zone Temple Trip!!! (I might have sent this already, but whatever. Welook sharp...)
Daniel and his mission.... Report? Arizona Tempe!!!

Elders: (on table) Elder Segle, Elders Wheeler, me, Drivas, Yeh, and HalversonSisters: (on table) Sister Slater, (front) Sisters Heath, Sanchez, and Beebe

Back row: Elder and Sister Springer, Me, Elder Yeh Front row: Megan, (investigator) Dorianeh

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